We are thrilled to add Revere Footwear to our range.

Founded in 2012 on the Gold Coast, Australia

At Revere Shoes, their aim is to differentiate the brand’s orthopedic shoes using a combination of unique designs and styles, alongside tried and tested technology.

Revere are dedicated to ensuring the quality of their men’s and women’s shoes - sourcing premium materials.

Revere’s standards for quality and authenticity remain unparalleled – making their orthopedic shoes one of the most trusted, revered and comfortable shoes in Australia.

All revere shoes and many the sandals feature a removable contoured footbed, allowing wearers with custom orthotics to insert them with ease. Designed in collaboration with leading footwear and medical experts, these revere shoes and sandals are compatible with most orthotics prescribed by your podiatrist. A deepset outsole unit leaves ample room for your custom device to fit comfortably and seamlessly into any revere shoe.

Each pair of revere sandals comes with a set of complimentary strap extensions, helping to ensure a perfect fit. Adding an extra half inch of adjustability, revere’s strap extensions are low-profile and discreet, allowing you to customise the length of your straps without sacrificing any style.

A select range of the sandals have built in trim marks to allow additional customisation of your sandals, where the straps are too long across the foot. Simply find the stiches on your strap and trim directly in front, and voila, you have a pair of perfect fitting sandals!

Walking in heels can be uncomfortable. revere’s innovative cushion zone, between the footbed and outsole, ensures ultimate comfort at the ball of your foot while you walk in Revere heightened footwear. The cushion zone technology has been tried and tested and is perfect for wearing your shoes all day, every day.

3mm full length fillers can be used in conjunction with their inserts. The filler can be placed under the insert to provide a firmer fitting, if you are experiencing any slipping or movement. The filler can also be trimmed to ensure the perfect fit with the shoes, and can also be used with custom orthotics if required Revere forefoot inserts are the perfect solution when 3/4 orthotics are required to fill your sandals and slides. We have used materials that can be trimmed or customised to fit. The inserts provide a simple and easy solution to personalise the fit of your sandals, whilst providing full support and control of your orthotics.



OSAKA Shoe by Revere
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VIONIC Islander Flip Flop
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Athens Lace-Up Sneaker by Revere
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Vionic Fresh Joey - Mauve Sneaker
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Genoa Stretch Loafer by Revere
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Vionic Leah White/Light Grey Sneaker
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Jordan Loafer by Revere
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