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A little history of one of our favourite brands

Klouds was developed to craft beautiful ladies shoes that accommodate the comfort and supportive needs of the modern women without having the visual qualities of orthopedic footwear.

Australian Government approves selected Klouds shoes as medical grade footwear due to the fitting properties and features.

Klouds begins to be distributed across New Zealand.

Klouds introduces stretch leather to selected Winter boot styles. The Klouds Stretch Leather allows for controlled flexibility across the upper of the foot and helps to relieve foot pain attributed to hammer toes, arthritis and bunions. The Klouds Stretch Leather feature also provides excess width for wearers who need extra-wide to super-wide fittings.

The Klouds development team continue to expand the Klouds and Silver Linings range to bring fashion inspired comfort footwear to women and men worldwide. The Klouds range continues to push the boundaries of what an orthotic be with innovative designs, new and creative technologies and quality materials.